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Monday, April 29, 2019

BE ENCOURAGED AND INSPIRED BY INDIANA QUILTER 40 - I want to share my passion with you

Visit this blog to be inspired, encouraged, and learn more about quilting. I want to inspire you on your journey of quilting.

Quilting is not rocket science, it is a learn-able and do-able activity for the average person.  Your quilts don't have to be perfect but the journey to a completed quilt should make you happy.  My first several quilts were truly a learning process (crooked seams, unmatched corners, fabric upside down, puckers, poor color choices, and numerous small frustrations just to name a few) but each project was better and I learned something. I don't always consider my quilts "perfect" but they are well made and I enjoy the finished quilt and the journey that produced it.

This blog came about  10 years ago because a quilting buddy and I  only get to see each other in September each year. So we each started a blog so we could keep up on each other's projects.  It has been fun.  When I  realized that other people were looking at my blog I wanted to share not only the finished projects, but also tips, quilting books and just things I learn with each project and hope to share with other quilters.

I love to quilt. It is a rare day that I do not do something quilt related. I even drag along a quilt magazine or some small project to work on during breaks at work. I spend a lot of time traveling with my job and there is some project stuck in my bag to work on in the hotel at night. 


Two other items of interest: 

**I have started selling some items on Etsy just simply to clear out my sewing room and home.  There are piles of quilts in all the bedrooms, hanging on the walls, and in piles that still need something done to them to be complete (like a binding or tag).  Please check out Etsy and see what I am willing to part with:

**I recently started an account on Pintrest (Indiana Quilter 40) so please visit me there too:


Hand Quilting Info:

People contact me about hand quilting for them.  If the customer doesn't mind waiting 2-4 months on me to quilt around my job schedule, I am happy for another excuse to quilt. Please contact me directly at if you are interested in me hand quilting for you.  Here are the guidelines:

  • Size: Wall hanging to queen.
  • Charge is 80 cents per yard of quilting thread.
  • Deposit of $50 on all quilts when they are left with or sent to me. This will be subtracted off the final cost of quilting.
  • I have white quilting thread on hand.  If you want a different color, please supply it - leftover thread will be returned with quilt. 
  • Please supply desired stencil(s), it or they will be returned with quilt.
  • Especially if using a sheet for the backing, please wash prior to sending with quilt.
  • I will only use wool, silk, or poly batting.  Cotton batting sticks to the needle and is very hard on my fingers.
  • I do not bind or repair quilts.
  • I will baste your quilt together, but the charge is $40 for twin or smaller, $50 for double, and $60 for queen. To go in my quilt frame the quilt needs to be basted first.
  • Once quilt is complete and owner contacted, customer has 30 days to pay the balance due.
  • Quilt owner is responsible for cost of shipping the quilt both ways, or dropping off and picking up.
  • Sorry, I do not make an estimate of the quilting charge as each quilt is different and distinctive.

All photos and content are my own unless otherwise noted. Please DO NOT use or reproduce ANY content from this website without my written permission.

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