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Monday, April 29, 2019

BE ENCOURAGED AND INSPIRED BY INDIANA QUILTER 40 - I want to share my passion with you

Visit this blog to be inspired, encouraged, and learn more about quilting. I want to inspire you on your journey of quilting.

Quilting is not rocket science, it is a learn-able and do-able activity for the average person.  Your quilts don't have to be perfect but the journey to a completed quilt should make you happy.  My first several quilts were truly a learning process (crooked seams, unmatched corners, fabric upside down, puckers, poor color choices, and numerous small frustrations just to name a few) but each project was better and I learned something. I don't always consider my quilts "perfect" but they are well made and I enjoy the finished quilt and the journey that produced it.

This blog came about  10 years ago because a quilting buddy and I  only get to see each other in September each year. So we each started a blog so we could keep up on each other's projects.  It has been fun.  When I  realized that other people were looking at my blog I wanted to share not only the finished projects, but also tips, quilting books and just things I learn with each project and hope to share with other quilters.

I love to quilt. It is a rare day that I do not do something quilt related. I even drag along a quilt magazine or some small project to work on during breaks at work. I spend a lot of time traveling with my job and there is some project stuck in my bag to work on in the hotel at night. 


Two other items of interest: 

**I have started selling some items on Etsy just simply to clear out my sewing room and home.  Please check out Etsy and see what I am willing to part with:

**I recently started an account on Pintrest (Indiana Quilter 40) so please visit me there too:


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